Mold Removal

Mold in the home and work place have become a major issue in the last few years. Mold contamination occurs when high moisture levels exist within an indoor environment. The most common causes of high moisture levels are:

  • Leaking basements
  • Leaking or broken water pipe or fixtures
  • Leaking Roof
  • Leaking windows
  • Leaking dishwasher or refrigerator

Assured Environmental Services Inc. is a licensed abatement contractor. We are equipped with certified professionals who are properly trained in the removal of contaminated building materials. We adhere to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certificate) industry standards for professional mold remediation.

Fixing the route cause: Moisture Control

Finding the cause of your water intrusion is the first step in remediating your mold problem. The key to mold control is moisture control, so fixing the cause of your water intrusion is very important in the remediation process. We will then start to contain all mold contaminated areas and establish negative air in these areas to avoid further contamination thru out your home or building. Once containment is established, we will proceed to remove all mold contaminated building materials and thoroughly clean the building materials that can’t be removed. Final cleaning the contaminated area and applying an antimicrobial and/or biocide solution to exposed surfaces, preventing the re-growth of toxic mold, will be our last step in the removal process. If requested, Assured Environmental Services Inc. will refer you to third party industrial hygienists for air samples.

Our experience in providing environmental services for our clients enables us to obtain a quick and thorough job. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, resulting in a smooth and seamless transition back to normal life.